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Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Take a journey through the culture, history and art of Tinos in a gorgeous landmark building where several temporary and permanent exhibitions from past and present will give you insight to a more sophisticated side of the Cyclades. Often seminars and talks of an educational and cultural nature are held here as well.

Agali Beach

This attractive tree-lined beach, literally steps away from the property, is great for leisurely walks and has a romantic vibe to it. There are a couple of good restaurants here as well, so do pass by and check the menus out to tease your appetite.

Agios Fokas Beach

Welcome to one of the longest and most attractive beaches on the island, just a few minutes away from Coocono. This gorgeous beach offers great swimming in clean island waters, in full view of the island of Delos. The cafés, restaurants and nightspots are perfect to enjoy a meal or a drink any time of day as you take in the stunning sea and island views.

Holy Church of our Lady of Tinos

Known in Greek as the Church of Panagia Tinou, this place of worship is one of the most important in Greek Orthodox tradition. In 1822 a nun dreamed of a religious icon of the Virgin Mary hidden on this spot, which was then discovered in 1823. The church was built thereafter, over the remains of an older church. The icon is reputed to bring about miracles and has attracted the faithful from all over the world, and is even connected to liberation from Ottoman occupation.

Archeological Museum of Tinos

Lying in the heart of the island’s main town, within walking distance from our villas, this humble yet noteworthy archeological museum hosts intriguing funerary vases from 3000 years ago, more recent pottery that’s “only” 2500 years old, some Greek sculptures, carved tombstones, and several interesting relics from archeological sites around the island (Temple of Poseidon, Amphitriti, etc.). The marble sundial of Andronicus is a must-see.

Museum of Marble Crafts

Tinos has been known for its marble quarrying and crafting since antiquity. In the village of Pirgos, the Museum of Marble Crafts unveils how this wonderful, versatile and beautiful material has been exploited throughout the millennia to create works of art, objects and buildings, as well as the role of marble in the local economy. While this museum is on the other side of the island, it is well done and worth visiting. Not far off, the more art-minded can visit the home of famed Greek sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas (1851-1938), now known as the Yannoulis Chalepas Museum, to enjoy the artist’s fine sculptures and belongings from a past era.

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